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Who Can Use and Benefit from Payday Loans?

Who Can Use and Benefit from Payday Loans?

Today, thousands of payday loan lenders have lent billions to millions of households that show us how “popular” this type of loan is. Payday loans have reached more people across the country, not all people can use and benefit from EZ money payday loans. With the high-interest rate and fees, a payday loan could lead to debt traps as you fail to repay on the due date. These are who can use and benefit from payday loans, these include:

Those with No Access to Conventional Credit

Some people who have very limited or no access to bank-issued credit could see a payday loan as an option. Payday lenders provide easy access to this -short term loan. Some of the EZ money payday lenders even still accept borrowers with bad score credits who would certainly get their applications rejected for traditional credits from banks.

Those in Emergency Situation

When you’re in an emergency like paying for surgery or accidents, you may need quick cash. Applying for a conventional loan may take days for approval even if you have a good credit score and complete documents. Some payday loan lenders can approve your application within hours. If you can take an even higher interest rate, online payday lenders can pay you within one hour. If it’s not for an emergency financial situation, you’d better take title loans Houston TX loan or other conventional loans.

Borrowers with Bad Credit Score

For persons with bad credit scores, they would face difficulties in applying for bank loans. A payday loan looks appealing for such borrowers to get cash advances. As long as it’s taken directly from state-licensed lenders, borrowers can obtain workable repayment plants and a fair EZ money payday agreement under state law. Some online lenders may completely ignore bad credit scores and would cash the payday loan but with very high interest.

Those Who Have Regular Income

If you don’t have a regular income, taking a payday loan or any type of credit could be an unwise decision. You should be able to repay the principal, interest, and other fees on the due date. If you don’t have a regular income you can depend on, repaying the loan would be impossible. The consequence is unbearable for your finance in the long run. You may request for rolling over the payday loan but you’d also accumulate the interest and fees that could lead you into a debt trap. Fees can go up to 300% of the principal within a few months.

Irregular Borrowers

Yes, payday loans aren’t recommended for regular or recurring expenses except if you’re in an emergency. You shouldn’t make a payday loan regular as it’s a great hazard to your finance. If you always need a quick cash month by month, you don’t need a payday loan but you need better financial management instead. You may consider taking title loans Houston TX instead.

Credit Score Improved

Some people with a bad credit score hardly get their conventional loan applications approved by banks. There area few options for them to fix their bad credit score. When their financial condition gets better, they may take a limited payday loan from a direct lender on purpose to improve their credit score. If you can repay the payday loans on due dates, you’d embrace positive improvements on your credit score. However, there is no guarantee how soon or how good your credit score would get improved.

Eligible borrowers

Last but not least, the ones who can benefit from a payday loan is, of course, the eligible borrowers. Some lenders may have slightly different requirements, but they majorly agree with some eligibility points. These include a minimum age of 18 years old, valid ID, active bank account, and have supporting documents.


As you might have seen above, not all people can use and benefit from payday loans. A payday loan can help you in a particular financial, especially for emergency purposes. If you’d have to take a payday loan, ensure you have a dependable regular income and ask for workable repayment plans. Even though you’re in a rush, a comprehensive assessment of your finance should be considered before taking a payday loan.