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Article on Sugar Land Texas Population


The population of sugar land is 118,182. Sugar Land is the 34th largest city in Texas and the 244th largest city in the United States. The land covers 43 miles, Sugar Land has a population density of 2,932 people per square mile. This city is a very affluent city and seems to be a city that tailors to Families.

Growth Rate

Growth Influences

Most of the bigger influences for growth is jobs.

Industries in Sugar Land TX

  • Sulfuric acid, vinegar, and pickling plant

  • Paper mill

  • The Sealy Mattress Company

  • Mxtrite Stock Feed

  • Cotton gin and seed oil mill

  • Lumberyard and furniture company

  • Poultry and squab farms

  • Dairy and hog operations

  • A telephone exchange and drug company

  • The Texas Fig Company

  • Financial Sector

The People of Sugar Land TX's Population


The Population per gender, the woman have a slightly higher population than the males.

Females: 59,773 - 50.58%

Males: 58,409 - 49.42%

Source: World Population Review


  • White: 53.18%

  • Asian: 36.41%

  • Black or African American: 6.47%

  • Two or more races: 2.24%

  • Other race: 1.50%

  • Native American: 0.20%

  • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 0.01%


.The average age in Sugar Land Tx Population is 41.4. The women seem to be a bit older in this city.

Females: 42.3

Males : 40.5

According to Neirborscout, here's a breakdown of the population by age.

Under 5 Years: 5%

Age 5 to 17: 19.0%

Ages 18 to 24: 7.5%

Ages 25 to 34: 10.3%

Ages 35 to 54: 29.0%

Ages 55 to 64: 14.8%

Ages 65 and older: 14.5%

As stated above, the Population of Sugar Land Tx has the largest percentage of 35 to 54 year old people. This tells me that this may be more a family dense population. The next largest size also indicated that there are plenty of kids here with a population of 19% for kids above 5 years old. With Houston, Tx having the average age of 33.1, The average age of Sugar Land TX Population is 41.8.


This section will cover 12th grade education and above for Sugar Land. Houston's percentage of college and above is around 32 % in 2018. Sugar Land boasts a large 62% increase above Houston. High school education has our topic city at 93%, far above Houston's 78%. These stats heavily increases the income gap of Sugar Land at $122,233 vs Houston at $51, 140.

Marital Status

The marital state has an average rate at 64.4%. The males average marital rate is above the females at 66% versus 62.8% as of July 2020. An interesting question would be that, is Sugar Lands male population more faithful than other places?

Fun Fact: The Hawaiian population here are 100% married, while the largest demographic has a house hold married rate of 62.7.

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